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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WISE 2008: Susan Taylor, former Editor-in-Chief, Essence Magazine

Susan Taylor worked for Essence for more than 27 years. Although highly accomplished and extremely well-read, her early successes were due to her innate business sense and ability to plan (and follow-though). She joined Essence as a freelance beauty and fashion editor in 1971, yet did not have a college degree. That came later from Fordham University (evening classes). She has since been the recipient of many honorary degrees.

Highlights from her talk:
  • Taylor noted that each day bring us a new "guest." That person or event is a moment where we can learn and grow.
  • Anything that is known is knowable. Are you willing to do the work to find the information?
  • Look at the needs people have, then fill those needs with your business.
  • Your integrity is everything.
  • How do you maintain balance and peace in your life?
  • Suffering is a choice, pain is not. Pain is information that you should act on.
  • Quiet time is the key to everything.
  • Every day, fire the "judge" -- the person in you that sets limits.
  • For every problem there is a solution.
  • Be sure to ask yourself how you are doing, then listen to the answer.
  • You have to give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away.
Taylor was motivational and inspirational. Above all, we heard that we need to make time for ourselves and that will help us succeed.

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