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Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog post: Women-Owned Businesses Not Doing Well

Women-owned businesses tend to be smaller than those started by men. Why? In talking about a recent New York Times article, Susan Reid identifies to reasons that keep women-owned businesses from breaking the $50,000 per year mark.
  • Women throw in the towel too early.
  • Women take business challenges personally.
You can read the blog post (and article) for more details. The question is...is this what is stopping you from having a million-dollar business?


Blogger Cheryl's Office said...

Tell me about it. As a small woman-owned business I borrowed from friends and family. I leveraged every asset I had, and I refinanced my home multiple times. Fortunately these creative financing oppotunitues allowed me to create a growing business. There is little doubt that innovation and creativity are clearly the by-products of the work environment you place yourself in each day. When your assets are intellectual property it is even more important that you invest in a work environment that generates as much innovation and creativity as possible. Once I decided to purchase new office furniture for my business it has been on a very positive trajectory.

10:57 PM  

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