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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Five Tips for Increasing Networking Success

These tips are from Joe Groden of JG Consulting.

Five Tips for Increasing Networking Success
  1. Choose the right groups. Not only those groups that share common interests, but branch out to groups where your target customers participate. In addition, there are networking groups solely formed to refer business to each other.

  2. Set goals. Have a realistic goal for the number of new contacts to make at each meeting/event. Most importantly, set goals for the follow-up to any contact made. This could include setting an appointment or lunch date, a follow-up call or email, or sending out some appropriate information.

  3. Create an intriguing introduction. It should be no longer than 30 seconds, tell what you do and how that benefits the listener. You would have to modify that introduction depending on the contact.

  4. Make a good impression. This is not the time for a sales pitch, or a “life of the party” act, but being you and showing interest will have the most value.

  5. Gather good information. Listen carefully for clue’s regarding the life and interests of the person you are talking with. The real goal is developing a relationship that can have future value.


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