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Monday, May 07, 2007

Making the sale

At a Women Business Owners Connection meeting this winter, Leslie English from Dale Carnegie talked about the technique she uses to close a sale. It is called the questioning model. Basically she:
  • Asks about the current situation. What is occurring now?
  • Asks what the situation should be. What should be happening? What should this situation look like?
  • Asks about the barriers. What will stop you from moving forward (from having the situation that you want)?
  • Asks about the pay out. With this, she looks to see how she can turn this -- what she is offering -- into something the prospective buyer has to do.
  • Does a trial close. She restates what she had learned and asks the buyer if making this change is something the person wants to do.
If she has used the technique well, it should lead to a sale. Sounds easy, right? But there is a technique that needs to be learned and it needs to become second nature. English said that if you have your technique learned, then you can put your self into it. You can make it sound like you and not like a memorized technique.


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