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Thursday, April 12, 2007

WISE2007: Opening Session

The 2007 WISE symposium was opened by the president of Key Bank, then by Dr. Eric Spina, the Vice Chancellor and Provost of Syracuse University. Dr. Spina noted the importance of women owned business to the U.S. economy. Women owned businesses have a tremendous impact on our economic growth. Many people are employed by women owned businesses.

This fifth annual WISE symposium has nearly 800 people in attendance, including a few men.

Next Nola Miyasaki, Executive Director of the Falcone Center, spoke. She noted that the first symposium has 300 women. Oh how this event has grown. However, she wanted to talk about where we are going (not where we have been). She talked about the gentleman in Bangladesh who has made a tremendous impact on women-owned businesses through micro-credit loan programs. Women owned businesses are growing worldwide.

According to Miyasaki, women-owned businesses in Central NY will lead our economic expansion. Entrepreneurship is not an easy route. It is not for the faint hearted. But there are great rewards. She is asking us to dream and dream big. WISE is about women in CNY changing our area one venture at a time.

Miyasaki then introduced the emcee for the day, Donna Adamo, from WTVH-5 in Syracuse.

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