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Thursday, April 12, 2007

WISE2007: Mary Cantando

Mary Cantando is a Growth Expert with WomenBusinessOwner.com. She spoke on “Open the Floodgates! Discover how your business is stronger than the competition and get that message to prospects & customers.”

Her Ya Ya (Ya Ya Sisters) name is “Countess who wants it all.” She wants it all for herself and for every women business owner.

The exercise we did was part of her The Women’s Advantage Workbook. Process she developed to help us differentiate our brands.

Over the past 15 years, she has built and sold two technology businesses. She sold the last one in 2001 (when the economy was changing). She now helps women business owners grow their businesses.

She worked with us on four questions that asked how our clients view us and our strongest competitors, both in words used to describe us (and our competitors) and words that would not be used to describe us (and our competitors). The bottom line was to figure out how to talk about what differentiates us from our competitors. (A very interactive session!)

Tip -- Make sure your web site is focused on (for) your target market.

Understand the difference between features and benefits. Think about the features and benefits of your services to your specific markets (e.g., corporate clients).

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