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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Guerilla marketing & the oops in Boston

At the November Women Business Owners Connection (WBOC) meeting, Minet Schindehutte spoke about guerilla marketing. This past week, more people became familiar with the term with the discover of objects in Boston that were suspected of being bombs. They weren't. They were advertisements.

Seth Godin is frequently associated with the term "guerrilla marketing", so I was curious to read what he would say about the events in Boston. On Friday, he posted his thoughts here.

In Godin's eyes, guerrilla marketing has moved away from its original intention. It has become one of many marketing techniques that businesses are using. He notes that it is more difficult for ads to stand out and be noticed. In fact, the devices in Boston had been in places for several days before the caught the attention of someone who thought they might be evil. They had not stood out as much as the creators expected. They -- like the many ads around us -- had become part of the background.

And if their ads didn't stand out, what are yours doing?


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