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Monday, October 16, 2006

Notes from Connections 2006

On October 12 was the Connections conference held at SUNY Oswego. The event was "designed to bring women of all ages and backgrounds together to explore their entrepreneurial place and power in the Arts, business world, and various fields of Science." There were panel discussions with women in business, in the arts and in science (including a woman who is a real life forensic scientist, like on CSI), and two keynote speakers:
  • Dr. Lois Frankel -- author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Don't Get Rich
  • Dr. Mona Lake Jones -- writer, orator and educator, who has been poet laureate for the city of Seattle and for King County (WA)
Lois Frankel asked the audience about the rules that existed in our households as we were growing up. Those rules often impact people and their careers.
  • What were the rules that everyone was expected to use?
  • What rules applied only to the boys in the house?
  • What rules applied only to the girls?
Girls are often taught to be nice, yet being nice is not sufficient for success. More is needed and expected. Frankel is not against being nice, but says that a woman needs to develop other qualities in order to succeed.

Here are some quick tips & thoughts from her talk:
  • You need to be among the first 2 - 3 people to speak in any meeting in order to have a presence and impact.
  • When you give an opinion, do not form it as a question. That gives someone else permission to own what you have said.
  • Men negotiate, are realistic, delegate and manage expectations. (Women are expected to be miracle workers.)
  • You need to build your brand.
  • Leap and the net will appear.
Mona Lake Jones wove words of wisdom with storytelling and poetry. Tips:
  • When you're down, plan how you are going to get up.
  • Keep a pocketful of coping skills.
  • Kindness is magnetic.
Several books were mentioned during the day-long event, including:
Along with the speakers, there were several vendors who exhibited, provided information and sold merchandise. It was wonderful to see women-owned businesses being given exposure at an event like this!

Connections hopes to become a yearly event. Keep your eyes open for information on Connections 2007.


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