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Friday, October 20, 2006

Do your employees treat your business as if they were owners?

Owners care about how a business functions. Owners want the business to succeed. Owners will engaged prospective customers, talk up the business, and see marketing opportunities everywhere. Owners will care about using resources efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees don't have the same passion.

For example, at a recent business show, I walked up to one booth where there were at least four employees standing (and only one engaged with another prospect). I looked at the merchandise, handled it, and looked at the booth staff (who were talking to each other). I didn't ask for help because someone should have seen that I was interested (and I was interested). After several minutes, I finally walked away with my questions unanswered.

These employees weren't hungry. They knew that their next paycheck was "in the mail." An owner, however, knows that her next paycheck is coming from the customers (figuratively speaking). Without the customers buying anything, the business will not make money and the owner will be the first person to see and feel the impact.

So today look at your employees and ask yourself if they have the same passion as you do about your business. If they don't, talk to them and find ways to instill it in them.


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