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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Self-employed older workers

The Economic Development Futures Journal has a summary of a Rand study on older self-employed workers. Don Iannone of the Economic Development Futures Journal writes:
...older self-employed workers are financially better off than workers in the wage and salary class as measured by household income and wealth, but are less likely to have a pension and health insurance on their current job. Those who become self-employed after age 50—about one third of older self-employed workers—also have lower levels of income and wealth and lower rates of pension and health coverage compared with those who became self-employed earlier in their career and self-employed. Women, whose share of self-employment among older workers has been growing over time, also exhibit lower income, asset, and employee benefit levels than their male counterparts who are self-employed.
Reading this, then obviously the question is how can we help women become self-employed but with the income and benefits that they deserve? What structures and services can we put in place to ensure that women entrepreneurs succeed?


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