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Monday, July 24, 2006

Article: Charting their own course: Indian women in business

Women entrepreneurs often run into problems (limitations) that their male counterparts do not. This article talks women entrepreneurs in India and gives information on how women are using microcredit loans. The article state:
...while men experiment with enterprises as varied as agricultural implements and steel furniture women are more content with incense sticks and carpentry. This gender bias is also accentuated by bank-run special loan schemes. The Punjab National Bank for example has schemes for financing women for tailoring, boutique, cyber cafes and PCOs.

Where loans are put to newer uses, the reasons are often not only of the woman's making. For instance, Meera Gupta, a Kannauj based rice mill owner who took a Rs.10 lakhs (1,000,000) loan from UPKGIB, attributes her choice of enterprise to her family background. "My father had been in the business so it was a natural choice", says Gupta, who employs 13 people in her business with annual sales of Rs.47 lakhs. (4,700,000)

Other factors matter too. Marriage and consequent migration, an inability to raise even the minimum equity fund for a loan, lack of confidence, gender stereotypes, unsupportive husbands all conspire to keep women away from loans. Even where these are taken they may be under pressure from the family and even be put to unproductive uses.

In the article, the word "crore" means 10 million (10,000,000).

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