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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WISE2006: Wow!

WISE is an event that is bigger than the sum of its parts. It is women learning from each other and women making connections to each other. The networking begins before 8 a.m. and lasts all day! Business cards are exchanged and the seeds of collaboration planted.

The best speaker this year was Anson Dorrance, by far. His words rang true with many people and inspired the group to improve how they communicate. He got us to laugh and shake our heads in agreement. Everyone was talking about him afterwards. Wow!

It is important to note that Dorrance didn’t claim to have all of the answers, or to always do things the right way, but did gives us ideas of how to improve our communication and relationships with others.

The quality of speakers was again high (truly). There were lots of tips, techniques and lessons discussed. Some of the breakout sessions were standing room only (like the one on guerilla marketing). And there were a few speakers who were asked back from last year (like Patricia Henriques).

There were many new faces! Yes, there were women who had been to previous WISE events, but there were also many women who had never been to a WISE event.

By the way, this conference sold out last week (April 6) before the registration period had closed. This is a popular event, so if it interests you, consider registering early to ensure that you can get in.

The end of the day is a reception and a time to relax as well as one final time to visit the exhibitors/event-sponsors. It will also be our last chance to network here. Hopefully people will follow-up with those that they have met here after we have left the OnCenter.

Addendum (4/12/2006): In speaking with a few people after the event, we recognize that the late afternoon slot is a tough slot for speakers. That speaker needs to be very dynamic, very engaging and extremely high energy. Much easier said than done.

Given some of the questions I heard during the event, perhaps late afternoon should be dedicated to connecting people with resources such as SCORE, the Small Business Development Center, etc. Either have them available in break-out rooms to discuss how they can help new and growing businesses or have a panel of that group. After a day of being inspired, that group could say "okay...now this is what you need to do next..."

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