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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WISE2006: Welcome

Dr. Michael Morris (SU’s Whitman School of Management) and Maria Coyne (Executive V.P. of Community Banking of KeyBank) opened the fourth annual WISE 2006 conference. There are 500+ people – mostly women – at this event. Women have come from Utica, Oswego, Rochester, Cortland and, of course, Syracuse.

Dr. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Syracuse University gave opening remarks, talking about women entrepreneurs. She talked about an article published by Matilda Joslyn Gage, a suffragist from Fayetteville (NY) where Gage talked about the contribution of women:

  • Invention of embalming

  • Discovery of silk

  • Invention of the cotton gin
Like women of the past, WISE is about doing networking, invention and innovation. But it is also about getting recognition – unlike the woman who invented the cotton gin. We must realize that we cannot do it alone, but learn from others. WISE is also about learning from others. Women in this region have historically been entrepreneurs -- as are the women at WISE.
Cantor ended by saying that we need to go out and make a difference.

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