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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WISE2006: Follow Your Heart: Matching Passion with Discipline and Focus

This session included Jacqueline Savage-McFee (Owner, JSM Design Studio) and Amy Tormey (Co-Founder, Ray’s New York Bagels). The discussion was facilitated by Julie Abbott from WSYR, Channel 9.

Abbott started with a quote from Dr. Phil, “Winners are those that are willing to do what losers are not.”

Savage-McFee wanted to “live big” and was willing to take a risk and start her own business. She could have worked for Hallmark, but went to work for a smaller firm, then decided to create a business does greeting cards, etc.

Tormey had the entrepreneurial spirit. Once she saw her employee being sold to a larger company for a lot of money, she decided that she wanted to risk building her own company. Amy Tormey began her business when the bagel industry was going through a slump. She, however, has created a business that is growing year-over-year.

Passion – remember that your life is speaking to you every day; you just need to pay attention. Your passion will lead you to triumph.

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