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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WISE2006: Finding the Guerrilla Within: Creative Marketing for Start-ups

This session featured Dr. Minet Schindehutte who is a professor at Syracuse University and founder of Proxi Business Centres and Julie Briggs, the founder of Syracuse Gift Basket Company, Inc.
Schindehutte talked about changing the 4-P’s (product, price, promotion, and place) into the 4-C’s.  The four C’s are customer-focused:
  • Customer solutions or experience

  • Customer value and cost

  • Customer communications

  • Customer convenience
Lots of key thoughts and ideas:
  • Moving from being preachy to communicating “with” your customers.

  • The focus is not on you, but on the customer.

  • Buzz is word of mouth on steroids.  An example of buzz is the movie “The Blair Witch Project” which created something out of nothing ($30,000 budget).

  • Buzz pulls people into the conversation.

  • Engage in conversation so that people want to be marketed to.

  • Your promotional efforts must lead to sales.
The guerilla concept:
  • Non-conventional media

  • Creative ways of influencing word of mouth (WOM)

  • Doing more with less

  • Use other people’s resources

  • Networking & partnering
Be the purple cow (an idea created by Seth Godin).  A purple cow is “a product or service that is remarkable is worth talking about, exceptional, interesting…”

Our advantages as a small business are:

  • Speed

  • Flexibility

  • Focus

  • Closeness to the customer

  • Motivation

  • Guerrilla weaponry

Julie Briggs remarked:

  • Don’t let an advertising sales representative sell you the moon and the stars.

  • Do strive for a combination of targeted, less expensive marketing methods.

  • Do polish your writing skills and get yourself published.

  • Do keep a database of your customers and stay in touch with them.

  • Do creative giveaways.

  • Remember that the devil is in the details.  For example, help clients to find you and to do business with you again.

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