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Thursday, April 13, 2006

After WISE

Although WISE is a once-a-year event, there are resources that WISE has put together for women entrepreneurs that are available all year long.

First, there is the WISE web site. Here you will find links to the WISE directory of women entrepreneurs. If you are a women entrepreneur, please make sure that you are listed in this directory. Then use this directory to find women whom you'd like to do business with or perhaps partner with. Or use the directory to find a woman who could mentor you.

The WISE web site also contains local and national resources that are applicable for women entrepreneurs. The resource list includes venture capital firms that are looking for women-owned businesses to invest in.

Second, you have access to the WISE blog (which you are reading now). New articles (or posts) appears two times per week on topics of interest to women entrepreneurs, including information on pertinent upcoming events in the Central NY region. The blog's web page also contains resources that would be useful to women entrepreneurs (look in the sidebar).

Third, along with the South Side Entrepreneurial Connect Project, WISE will be offering microcredit loans to women entrepreneurs in the region. The WISE blog and the WISE web site will have more information on this program as it becomes available.

Fourth, WISE again in the fall will host WISE High-Altitude Marketing (WHAM). The event last November was sold out. Check the WHAM web page in the early fall for information on this year's event. (Information will also be posted here in the blog.)

So, even though the WISE symposium/conference is only once a year, there are resources from WISE that you can tap into all year long! Enjoy!

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