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Friday, March 03, 2006

Notes & Quotes: Susan Neff

Susan Neff, from Lighthouse Marketing, spoke at the Women Business Owners Connection meeting on March 1. Neff's talked about "Embracing the Salesperson Within," and told stories about herself to illustrate important things that salespeople need to know. Her words of wisdom included:
  • The core of sales is to:
    • Not bore your audience
    • Not to over sell
  • We sell every day in everything that we do.
  • You can dictate your entire future if you are good at sales. If you don't have it (the ability to sell), then you need to hire it.
  • You have to get through so many 'No's" to get to the "Yes."
  • It's a numbers game. How many letters do you need to send out in order to get X-number of meetings with prospective clients? And how many clients will that yield?
  • Have a system.
  • You need to accept the sales outcome -- no matter what it is.
  • To be good at sales you need to have the following innate traits:
    • Want a challenge
    • Be persistent
    • Be enthusiastic
    • Be optimistic
    • Take initiative
    • Focus on self-improvement
    • Want to be influential
    • Outgoing (not gregarious)
    • Self-accepting
  • You also need to be a good listener -- a trait that can be learned.
  • Remember to ask lots of questions, so that you will listen.
  • Timing is everything -- the prospect needs to be ready for you.


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