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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Notes & Quotes: Nancy Roberts

On Feb. 1, Nancy Roberts led a roundtable discussion at Women Business Owners Connection on using four electronic marketing tools: e-mail, webinars, blogs and podcasts. Nancy is a technologist who writes for Time Warner Cable and Table Hopping. She also does a podcast.

Everyone at the meeting contributed questions that Nancy -- and others -- answered about these marketing tools. Much of the time was spent talking about e-mail, since that is a marketing method that nearly everyone in the audience was using. The questions included:
  • How can e-mail marketing not be considered spam?
  • How do you obtain "good quality" e-mail addresses?
  • How will I be sure that my e-mail messages are opened?
Some of the things Roberts said were:
  • It's you versus the computer and the computer is way more patient than you.
  • The e-mail subject line is the only contact that you are guaranteed to get with the person who receives it.
  • Target your audience by creating your own list of people to market to.
Since many questions went unanswered -- due to time constraints -- people left the meeting hoping for another roundtable on these topics.

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