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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

KeyBank announcement at the Groove

At the "Get into the Groove" event this morning, the Key Foundation donated $100,000 to Syracuse University to be used over the next two years towards two of its initiatives: the South Side Entrepreneurial Connect Project and Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE). This donation is part of KeyBank's ongoing partnership with SU's School of Management. This partnership began in 2003 and includes KeyBank's sponsorship of each of the WISE Symposiums.

The speakers at the event were:
  • Stephen D. Fournier, KeyBank's Central New York District President
  • Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Syracuse University
  • Mike Morris, SU's Whitman School of Management
  • Greg McCarthy, co-owner of the Groove
In attendance were 60+ people from WISE or the South Side Project, and other supporters.

Key thoughts from the various speeches include:
  • The School of Management is a catalyst for creating entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • The region and city are coming alive.
  • Lots of new things are happening each day.
  • There is a goal of creating 100 new sustainable and growth-oriented businesses on the South Side over the next five years.
  • At risk communities are not ready for the entrepreneurial age.
  • The future of the South Side is in the hands of the people.
  • Entrepreneurial businesses have organic growth.
  • Collaboration with corporate partners is key.
The announcement was followed by breakfast and networking.

A press release about the event can be viewed here.

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