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Friday, January 06, 2006

Notes & Quotes: Jill Hurst-Wahl

On Jan. 4, Jill Hurst-Wahl was the speaker at the Women Business Owners Connection (WBOC) monthly meeting. Entitled "Looking Back, Looking Ahead", Hurst-Wahl talked about the importance of writing down what your business as accomplished, decisions made, and much more. Yes, as business owners we think about this stuff constantly, but it is important to write it down so that you remember what you did, what worked, what didn't work, and what plans you had put in place. She talked about doing this activity at least once a year if not more often.

Once this information is noted, then it can be used for planning the future. As Hurst-Wahl said:
We need to understand our pasts in order to build our futures.
The evening was full of questions and ideas to get people motivated to do this activity. The PowerPoint presentation that she used is available online and contains links to two of the printed examples she used.

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