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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How do you hand someone your business card?

It might seem easy, but there are a few tips and techniques:
  • Be formal in handing out your business cards. "Present" you card to the person, don't just shove it at him.
  • Hand your card to the person so that the type faces them. This will prompt the person to look at it. This will help them associate you with the card and remember your name.
  • If you have a double-sided business card (printing on both sides), hand the card to the person with the back showing. This is important since we generally don't turn the card over to see if there is something on the back. By handing the card to the person in this way, they will see the writing on the back AND then will turn it over to see the front.
  • Don't hand the person multiple cards unless the person wants them. We can be tempted to automatically give the person cards "to pass along," but you may instead be wasting business cards. If the person wants more than one card, she or he will ask for it.
  • If something is incorrect on your card or needs to be updated, make the changes BEFORE you hand out the cards. Don't suddenly have to grab a pen to make the changes and delay giving the person your card. And if you find that you're doing this, have new business cards made soon.
  • Don't feel that you need to give you business card to everyone you meet. It doesn't matter how many business cards you give out, but rather that you gave it to people with whom you want to stay in contact.
  • Keep your business cards handy. Put a couple in your wallet, so that you always have one available. At a networking event, put your cards in your pocket so you can hand one out quickly. You don't want to have to "dig" to find a business card.
If you practice these tips, you be more effective at handing out business cards and a bit better at networking with others.

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