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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

WorldWIT and its blogs: All geared for women entrepreneurs

How big can a women's networking organization get? And how far can it reach and influence? Here is a great example!

Founded in 1999, WorldWIT is reportedly the world's largest online networking organization for professional women in business, formed for women to share advice and ideas with other women eager to "connect." The organization reaches women through its web site, blogs, e-mail discussions, local events and workshops. The membership is free and, according to the web site, is comprised of women who range from corporate CEOs, government officials, legal professionals, marketing and media experts to home-based consultants and entrepreneurs.

The WorldWIT web site contains articles/columns such as " Ten Tips Toolbox" and 10 blogs:
All are written by women except for "The Writing Life." The bloggers (authors) take time to talk about entrepreneurship from their points of view. There are subtle lessons to be learned in their writings. The lesson that strikes me today, as we approach year-end, it that it is important to sit, reflect, and to share those thoughts.

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