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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Working Moms Refuge

Are you a working mom? Are you interested in resources for women like you? The Working Moms Refuge web site was begun in 1997 by Kim B. Foglia, a working mom, who wanted to reach out to women like her. The web site includes resources for single moms, health news, telecommuting news, discussion lists and much more. There's a lot on this site, even for women who are not moms!

For example, there are "10 Tax Cutting Strategies You Can't Afford to Miss" that are especially pertinent as this year comes to an end.

Besides doing Working Moms Refuge, Kim Foglia runs an Internet business consulting firm on Long Island called WriteDesign, Ltd. She juggles work and family, understands the pressure that creates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

another great site that was useful to me is women's business network.

5:23 PM  

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