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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Working Moms Refuge

Are you a working mom? Are you interested in resources for women like you? The Working Moms Refuge web site was begun in 1997 by Kim B. Foglia, a working mom, who wanted to reach out to women like her. The web site includes resources for single moms, health news, telecommuting news, discussion lists and much more. There's a lot on this site, even for women who are not moms!

For example, there are "10 Tax Cutting Strategies You Can't Afford to Miss" that are especially pertinent as this year comes to an end.

Besides doing Working Moms Refuge, Kim Foglia runs an Internet business consulting firm on Long Island called WriteDesign, Ltd. She juggles work and family, understands the pressure that creates.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Article: Turn your name tag into your best friend

As this article points out, your name tag is your best friend. It helps others know who you are when they approach. You also helps you remember people that you are meeting. When we see a person with a name tag, we can more easily associate the person with her/his name.

This article details the 7 deadly sins of ineffective name tags and tips for avoiding them. Size, placement, color, and more...everything you need to know about name tags is here! A great article to read before you attend your next networking event.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Report: How Executives Stay Informed

A press release about this report gives some interesting highlights:
  • 91% of executives routinely use the Internet when searching for business-related information. Respondents relied on the Internet more than any other source, including trade journals, books, newspapers, and webinars.
  • 47% indicate that unproductive searches and the need to sift through "too much information" are primary challenges associated with using the Internet.
  • A majority of executives spend four or more hours reading each week to stay informed and current. More time is spent reading at home or while traveling than in the office.
  • 67.5% of respondents said they don't read books or articles in entirety but read summaries, skim, or read specific sections.
  • 14.4% read seven to ten business books a year, 21.4% read four to six books, and 45.8% read one to three books. 74.9% of respondents said they'd like to read more, but are limited because of time.
The numbers show that executives are being ineffective in some areas (like spending too much time looking for information) and perhaps not fully using the resources available to them in their organizations for locating and analyzing information.

If this describes you, what could you be doing differently as you plan for 2006?

Virtual Seminar: Debunking the Certification Myth

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Debunking the Certification Myth
Given by the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce

Thinking about becoming certified as a women owned business? Stop! Before getting certified, you should have a clear understanding of what certification is, who will accept your certification, and whether or not it will enhance your opportunities. Before you spend countless hours going through this extensive process, you should attend this session. This discussion will include the history of certification, who requires it and who does not, and how to determine if certification is right for you.

Go to the USWCC web site for more information and to register.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

WorldWIT and its blogs: All geared for women entrepreneurs

How big can a women's networking organization get? And how far can it reach and influence? Here is a great example!

Founded in 1999, WorldWIT is reportedly the world's largest online networking organization for professional women in business, formed for women to share advice and ideas with other women eager to "connect." The organization reaches women through its web site, blogs, e-mail discussions, local events and workshops. The membership is free and, according to the web site, is comprised of women who range from corporate CEOs, government officials, legal professionals, marketing and media experts to home-based consultants and entrepreneurs.

The WorldWIT web site contains articles/columns such as " Ten Tips Toolbox" and 10 blogs:
All are written by women except for "The Writing Life." The bloggers (authors) take time to talk about entrepreneurship from their points of view. There are subtle lessons to be learned in their writings. The lesson that strikes me today, as we approach year-end, it that it is important to sit, reflect, and to share those thoughts.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Boys are #1, but in what?

This is from Tom Peters' blog posting entitled "Stuff...":
BOYS #1! Boys handily/overwhelmingly beat out girls: Learning disorders. Dropout rates. Violence. Stuttering. Obesity. Gambling. School suspensions. Suicides. D's and F's. Etc. Etc. This starts early, and gets worse with the passage of time. Number of girls in college easily trumps men in college and is becoming more imbalanced by the day—add in the graduation rates and the gap becomes positively yawning. We older boys may currently hold a huge lead in CEO chairs filled in huge companies, but there is a growing and probably appropriate concern about the decline of boys. Solution? One increasingly offered is separate education—boys and girls simply learn in dramatically different ways.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Women Entrepreneurs Inc. (We Inc.)

According to the web site:
WE Inc. is a nonprofit business association that works to improve and enhance the economic climate for women entrepreneurship. By advocating for policy solutions that encourage business ownership by women, and providing information and resources to entrepreneurs at all stages of their business development, WE Inc. aims to increase economic opportunity and financial security for those seeking the risky but rewarding path of entrepreneurship.
The web site includes an impressive resource list that includes tips on:
  • Taxes
  • Advocacy
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Growth
  • Workplace Solutions
  • Community Relations
  • Government Contracting
Undoubtedly, you'll find something worth reading on this web site.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The 70/20/10 rule

In a Business 2.0 article, Eric Schmidt of Google talks about the 70/20/10 rule used by himself and the rest of Google's management team. What's the rule? He spends 70% of his time working on the company's core businesses. He spends 20% of his time working on adjacent businesses. The remaining 10% of time is spent on things that are truly new. They way that they have organized themselves, Google's management team is able to know that they are sticking to the rule.

If it helps Google, perhaps we all should adopt it?!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Notes & Quotes: Gwendolyn Webber-McLeod

Gwendolyn Webber-McLeod, who specializes in leadership development, believes that people who are authentic leaders possess similar qualities. During a speech given by Ms. Webber-McLeod on Jan. 5, 2005 to the Women Business Owners Connection, she gave the following qualities of authentic leaders. They are:

  • Ÿ Mission driven
  • Ÿ Bold, confident communicators
  • Ÿ Humble
  • Ÿ Consistent at home and at work
  • Ÿ Practitioners of self-care
  • Ÿ Calm (which she considers both an art form and a skill set)
  • Ÿ Cognizant that they don’t have to do it all

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Guardian - NAWBO National Patron - Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Award Program

Do you know a talented girl who demonstrates budding entrepreneurship, taking the first steps toward financial independence, and making a difference in her school or community?

Then consider nominating her for The Guardian Life Insurance Company's 2006 Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Award, a program that rewards 15 enterprising girls annually with cash awards. Girls Going Places® is partially underwritten by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Last June, Guardian and NAWBO presented award checks to two young entrepreneurs at NAWBO's annual business conference in Orlando. Guardian also partnered with several NAWBO Chapters, including Chicago, Las Vegas and New York in similar award presentations.

Additional information about the program and nomination forms for the 2006 competition is available at: http://www.girlsgoingplaces.com Nominations are due February, 2006.

Please share information about this program with associates, friends and neighbors - even clients! There just might be a talented, young entrepreneur who could benefit from this program
in your area.

Visit the Guardian Life Women's Channel at: www.GuardianLife.com/wc