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Monday, November 28, 2005

Those Interactive Voice Response systems

Interactive Voice Response systems have become very popular with companies. They are used as a way to route calls efficiently without human intervention. Unfortunately, they can be maddening if the option you need is not obvious or not available. The question often becomes how do you get to a real person?

Paul English has amassed a cheat sheet on these systems and organized the information by the company that uses such a system. For example, want to get to a human on Mastercard's system, enter 000 on any menu. How about Home Depot? English writes: "When asked for account number, keep hitting ""#"". After 5 or 6 times, a human appears!"

If your company uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you should realized from this list and its popularity that people do want to talk to humans when they call your company. They want that option and will do anything to figure it out!


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