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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Do your customers give you a second chance?

Research and experience has shown that when a customer has a bad experience with a business that the person is more likely to tell others about it than when the experience is good. Bad news travels fast. These days, that news travels through personal conversations as well as online messages that the world can see. In addition, that customer may not give the business a second chance.

It is important to keep your ears open for feedback -- both positive and negative -- so you can emphasize the things you do well and fix those areas that need it. If information isn't readily coming your way, then you need to reach out and gather feedback from customers as well as talk to prospective customers to see what is keeping them away.

If a customer has had a bad experience, what can you do to bring them back? Perhaps you can't do anything. It may be up to the customer to find a reason to come back and try your services again. You can only hope that the return visit will allow them to see and value the things that you do well.

T.T. Mitchell wrote recently about this in his blog. In "Second Chances", he talks about going back to a store for a second time and being pleased with the customer service (unlike his first experience). The store won him over! (And provided a happy ending to the tale.)


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