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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Kathy Dwyer co-founder of the TAG Group, LLC writes a monthly column called "@Home" for the Central New York Business Journal. The column talks about her life and work after leaving the corporate fast-track and starting her own business. As Dwyer says, the column "looks at the challenges of running a business while raising young children. It is often humorous. Sometime not."

After several years in a growing business, Kathy Dwyer wrote earlier this year:
Building one'’s own business is not an easy endeavor. Other than child rearing, it is the single most challenging and rewarding thing I can imagine though. It is all at different times challenging, exciting, exhilarating, a laugh riot, freeing, mindboggling, and of course stress-inducingly, mind-numbingly hard. And I have done it in partnership with one of my dearest friends. Through a difficult health problem. Against statistics that predicts near certain failure for start-up companies. All within a structure that allowed me to work at home around my children's schedules. While also providing me greater opportunities than at any othertime to volunteer and offer pro bono services to charitable organizations.
To read about Dwyer's life since starting her business -- and realizing that you're not alone -- go to the TAG Group web site.


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