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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tell them, then tell them again

Those who teach presentation skills will often suggest that you tell your audience what you are GOING to tell them. Then you TELL them. And finally, you tell them what you TOLD them. We often don't want to disclose everything we are going to tell them up front, but is there any harm in doing that? What if you allowed people to see your entire presentation before you gave it? Would they ask better questions or pay attention to the details differently?

These questions have come to mind today as I look at Tom Peters blog. They have updated the master slides for a presentation called "Re-imagine!" The slides are available for anyone to view. What is missing, of course, is hearing the commentary/speech that goes along with them. So does it hurt Tom Peters to allow you to view the slides ahead of time? No. In fact, it might make people more curious to hear his thoughts behind each slide.

What does this mean to you? Don't be afraid to tell people what you're going to tell them BEFORE you do your presentation. Be open...invite feedback...then settle down and tell them your message.


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