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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Courses through the Institute for Professional and Organizational Development

SUNY Oswego's Institute for Professional and Organizational Development is offering two new non-credit courses this fall that may be of interest to you.
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan, Instructor: Betsy Bedigian, five Monday evenings beginning Sept. 12, cost $279
Gain the information and skills needed to implements a proven six-step process. Develop realistic marketing strategies and tactics; write a logical, detailed marketing plan tailored to your product line, service or company; oversee the implementation from initial planning to actual execution; and create effective monitoring and control procedures to keep your marketing plan on track. Your completed marketing plan will contain everything you need for a profitable future. (Note: This class is part of the American Management Association (AMA) series of offerings.)
  • PowerPoint: A Tool to Market Your Business, Instructor: Peter Connell, four evenings beginning Sept. 19, cost $329
Enhance your sales and increase your customer base by learning how to design PowerPoint slides as an effective marketing tool for use at your place of business, customer sites, trade shows, etc. Discover the appropriate times when PowerPoint should be used. Learn to balance and design aesthetically appealing presentations that will attract and information a targeted audience. Understand how and why various fonts, fillers, and artwork will reflect the essence of your company's product or service. Become knowledgeable and aware of the logistical consideration of setting up a PowerPoint presentation off-site. At the end of this class, each student will have created a customized, read to use PowerPoint presentation. (Note: Basic computer skills required.)

Registration forms are available at the Institute's web site.


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