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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time for you

You're a woman entrepreneur who is working hard to build an enterprise that wisely uses resources to create an expanding business. Likely you're finding that you are working all the time. Can you find time just for you?

The Royal Bank of Canada addresses this topic on its web site in a section entitled "Time For You." Time for you includes sections on "time" as well as sections on "financial planning." The topics covered are:
  • We all Need Vacations: Get the Most out of Yours
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas
  • Holiday Survival Techniques
  • Dream of a Chocolate Holiday
  • Ten Steps to Managing Your Time
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Tips for Self-Nurturing
  • Use the Good Dishes - Finding Joy in Everyday Life
  • Escaping the Superwoman Trap
  • Financial Fitness for Couples
  • 12 Fast Financial Planning Tips for Women
  • Protecting Your Assets Part 1: Estate Planning Pitfalls
  • Protecting Your Assets Part 2: ABC's of Estate Planning
The Ten Steps to Managing Your Time are excellent. They include:
  1. Prioritize
  2. Delegate to qualified people
  3. Share work with friends
  4. Use time-saving technology
  5. Outsource
  6. Empower others to share in the workload
  7. Create an open-door policy
  8. Multi-task
  9. Get a good night's sleep
  10. Invest in "me" time
Check the web site to read about each suggestion.


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