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Friday, August 19, 2005

Clueless - Part 2

On Wednesday I wrote about Seth Godin's posting called "Clueless." Also on Wednesday, Tom Peter's blog carried a similar story about United Airlines. Sadly, we tend to talk about bad customer service much more than the good.

Good customer service stands out to us when we're given what we don't expect. That may be a smile, a suggestion, or assistance. It occurs when a business remembers that we are its customers and the ones that help it pay its bills.

Unfortunately, when customer service is good, it is often unnoticed because out attention is drawn to bad customer service. For example, when you are at a diner for breakfast and the coffee keeps coming, you don't really notice. You are able to pay attention to eating and the conversation (or the newspaper) rather to trying to get more coffee. You do, however, notice when your coffee cup in empty and the wait staff is nowhere in sight.

Do you want to be remembered for giving bad customer service? Can you build your business so that good customer service is the standard, and often employees go the extra mile and make that good customer service stand out? Remember...it's your customers that pay your bills. Without them (and their repeat business and recommendations), you wouldn't be in business.


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