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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Can we talk?

How do you like to communicate with your customers? In person? By telephone? Through e-mail? On instant messenger (IM)? Using regular (paper) mail? Now...how do your customers like to communicate with you? Do you both like to use the same communication methods?

There are a variety of choices these days for how we can communicate with each other. As these choices have emerged, how we prefer to communicate has changed. Frequently, however, we don't tell people how we like to communicate with those around us, nor do we ask others what their preferred methods are.

As you interact with your customers, tell them the best ways of contacting you and when. For example, are you only available by telephone at certain times during the day? Does e-mail reach you faster than a telephone call? Then ask what communication methods they use and they best way (and time) of getting in contact with them. Exchanging this information now will help you keep the lines of communication open in the long run.


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