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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Researchers to Study Black Women Business Owners

From Black Feminisim:
No surprises here. Black women start businesses for different reasons than men. That’s true of women generally. From what I’ve read women value flexibility, self-sufficiency and the ability to fill a niche when they go into business (as opposed to just making a lot of money). Black women are no different in that regard.

But a new team of researchers plans to study black women business owners (who make up 40 percent of black-owned businesses), to determine what makes them succeed, how women business owners define success, and how to support other black women owned businesses.


Blogger Monica@BayAreaStudios said...

I believe men start businesses to say ; “I did this.” And To create a: “me-and-them” atmosphere. Women start businesses to provide an element to the marketplace that is not there and also to be their own boss to have that flexibility as the article states. In addition, when we start businesses we want to bring others with us to be equals together in the business world-both women and men.

8:52 PM  

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