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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Notes & Quotes: Leslie Rose McDonald

During one of the sessions at the WISE conference, Leslie Rose McDonald spoke on "Personal Energy Management: Fueling the Entrepreneurial Flame Without Burning Out." What is personal energy management? She defined it as:
A conscious approach to everyday choice-making which supports sustained energy, vitality, productivity and calm.
Rose McDonald noted that women entrepreneurs exhibit traits such as high expectations, willingness to take risks, and passion for their work that can create a high amount of physical and emotional energy. However, entrepreneurs can have their energy zapped by things such as perfectionism and trying to do too much themselves. Especially in the beginning, we find that we must "do it all", but doing those things that we dislike or that we're not good at will deplete our energy.

During the session, Rose McDonald had everyone take an personal energy management survey. The goal was to identify those activities that give us energy, activities that zap our energy, and those activities that are neutral. Everyone's completed survey was different, since we are all different. Those things, for example, that zap my energy might create more energy for you.

In the end, we were encouraged to continue to do things that conserve or replenish our energy as well as add in activities that help bolster our energy. We were also told to look for ways of stopping those activities that deplete our energy (not always easy to do).

Leslie Rose McDonald left the group with a list of resources. One of the resources is a web site that contains free self-care e-postcards that can be sent to anyone via e-mail. Consider sending them to yourself or someone else as a energy booster.


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