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Monday, June 13, 2005

Help Build a Small Business Wiki

SmallBusiness.com, a web site owned by Hammock Publications, is in the process of putting together a new small business wiki, which you can help build:
The Small Business Wiki is a wiki-model encyclopedia of community-generated knowledge regarding all aspects of starting and running a business. This is knowledge from the grassroots and we invite you to participate. As we're in the early stages of launching this wiki, we'd really appreciate your insight and help in building it.
A wiki is a community-built and -edited open source web site designed to help readers get the benefit of the knowledge of everyone. The first such web site was the Portland Pattern Repository, and the best explanation of wikis, not surprisingly, comes from the the Wikipedia, which is published in 47 languages (so far):
A wiki is a web application that allows users to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content. Wiki also refers to the collaborative software used to create such a website.

Wiki (with an upper case 'W') and WikiWikiWeb are both used to refer specifically to the Portland Pattern Repository, the first wiki ever created. A lower-case 'w' for 'wiki' is generally used by savvy wiki proponents. The name was based on the Hawaiian term wiki wiki, meaning "quick" or "informal." It is used commonly in Hawaii as part of its rich "pidgin English"—the creole language of the islands.

The small business wiki is, for now, in need of information on incorporation (click here to contribute) and insurance (click here to contribute), but needs help with other entries, as well. Again, the link to the SmallBusiness.com wiki is here.


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