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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Article: Businesswomen at forefront of activity on Elmwood block

One Buffalo business area seems to be feeling the positive influence of women-owned businesses. The Buffalo News writes:
Beneath the obvious construction, there is another undercurrent that women on the block have noticed, but don't know quite what to make of: A casual count finds that during the six years since [Lacy] Abbott arrived, women have come to own and operate more than a dozen shops and businesses on Elmwood from Auburn to Lafayette Avenue. They're selling photo portraits, green tea and vegan coconut pudding, haircuts, dresses, beads, shoes, jewelry, bath stuff, lingerie and toys.

The businesswomen on the block do say the female convergence is intriguing and helpful: the group is neighborly. They watch each other's stores to be sure employees don't lock up too soon; they share advice; they refer people; they collaborate on store-opening-anniversary-celebrating parties.
Lacy Abbott began the trend by opening a boutique for city gardeners. Now this area of Elmwood Avenue is thriving. Read the full story for more inspiration.


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