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Friday, April 01, 2005

WISE in the Post-Standard

Today's Syracuse Post-Standard has a piece on WISE on the cover of the business section. You can read it here: WISE Works to Make 'Serious' Connections. Here's an excerpt:
"WISE itself has moved from a one-day conference to an initiative, one of our initiatives. The idea is that we now work to grow and support a women's entrepreneurial community. That's the new big change for us," [Falcone Center Interim Director Craig] Watters said.

The ultimate goal of the online forum is not only to enhance communications but to spur business relationships, said Michael Morris, who chairs the department of entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises at SU's Whitman School of Management.

"What we'd ultimately like to see is that women entrepreneurs not only can help each other, and ask questions, that sort of thing, but that they might source from one another, buy and sell to each other, do cooperative marketing things," Morris said. "It's really meant to start to connect them in serious business ways."

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